Cours de langues en été - Grasse (06)

“When God comes to doubt the world, he remembers he has created Provence."

Frédéric Mistral

In the « Summer courses » programme, you can choose to follow a course in French and/or an excursion.


  • 5 mornings a week (mini-groups of 2-4 participants), 3 hours a day..   (Price:  375 €/person)
  • Individual lessons at your home (1h30 minimum) : 30 €/h (+ transport)


Provided your requirement comes to us early enough, we can help you find a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Excursions: groups of 5 participants maximum.

Half day excursion (4h): 80 €/person

Full day excursion  (7h): 140 €/person

For more information about the courses, please go to our French Courses section. Meet you there!

The summer courses will go on until the end of September...

Feel free to contact us if you wish to spend some of the back season in our area and deepen your knowledge of our language!

Or maybe you wish to develop FRENCH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES

If you intend to join a company in France and would like to learn the specific language of the branch you are in:

  • Catering industry
  • Tourism
  • Commerce - Exports
  • Health
  • Insurance - Banking
  • Preparation for exams DELF - DALF ...
  • Etc…

Contact us for a language level assessment and an estimate.


Escorted day, or half-day tours around the French Riviera are structured tours for which you can choose to be an individual,  or group tour, with a group leader.


Another way of getting familiar with France is to discover the countryside.

The visits we offer go from Ventimiglia (in Italy) and stretch to St Tropez taking in the beautiful and undulating coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and its historical towns of Menton, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and St Tropez.

You will also have the opportunity to see and experience the mediaeval villages perched high above overlooking all of this vista, towns such as Grasse the perfume capital of the world, where you can explore the origins of perfume and see the processes of its making that are still used today.

Some ideas

Our organized tours will provide good background and historical information on the region and help you get your bearings. There are a number of different tour options too, as the area is so diverse, such as:

Boat Tours - Food and wine tasting - Cooking lessons - Walking day tour in the mountains.